Dienstag, 14. Juni 2011

Love Song for Wall Street

Zur Abwechslung mal etwas zur Entspannung.

Ein gefühlvolles Liebeslied, kleines bisschen schmalzig, schmeichelndes Saxophon, sanfter Groove und vor allem: ein wunderschöner Text.

Bailout Man Song

I want a man who's a mortgage lender
Oozing assurance and dripping wit
I want a man with risky assets
Who wants to achieve a strategic fit

Supply my demand, I'll deliver the goods
Meet in the middle and let it begin
Don't even think of a hostile foreclosure
Let's try a merger that's win/win

You're my target market. My billion dollar plan
My subprime obsession. You're my bailout man

I want a man who's hedging options
Fast and loose with securities
He's not afraid to think outside the box
Not the type to go for plan B

I want substantial return on investment
I want a man who fills the right niche
Ready to sign a long term agreement
Won't even think of the bait and switch

You're my target market...
Die Sängerin über sich und ihre Band:
"The Eva Moon Cocktail:

Let us bail you out with a recession-proof show that will make you forget your troubles for a few hours. The music is hot and the lyrics are hotter."

Ah. Lean back and relax.

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